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We purchased a new furnace from Service Experts (formerly Knochelmann's Service Experts). It took over two years for it to be inspected and pass.

The drain hose leaked water into the room and damaged our property. They are self-insured and the third party adjuster refuses to pay us a reasonable amount for the damage done to our property. He suggested we claim it against our home owner's policy.

This company has cost us a lot more money than just what we paid for a new furnace. They have been a headache and we sincerely regret getting involved with Service Experts.

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We are no longer able to discuss this matter. Suffice it to say it was not resolved to our satisfaction.

Another incident occurred with Service Experts with our A/C. The field supervisor came out with another "worker" to do our maintenance on the unit. He sent the worker to the furnace room where he proceeded to put his drill on a screw for a second and neither tightened or loosened it. Then he proceeded to talk on personal phone calls for a while.

This year when they came to do our maintenance they said we had no freon. They wanted to do a leak test and probably replace the coil at a $300-$600 price tag.

We had someone else come and put freon in and will see if next year we still have it. I have to question why a field supervisor came out to do our service and would send someone down to the furnance to do nothing. It all seems very fishy to me. This A/C is was installed the end of August of 2010.


Katskull, we apologize that we did not see this review prior to now. We regret that you had such a difficult experience with your furnace and would like to confirm whether the issues have been resolved or not?

If not, please contact us at CustomerCare @, phone 866-EXPERTS (866-397-3787), or visit www[dot]ServiceExpertsCares[dot]com. We will do our best to resolve this issue; that is what our 100% satisfaction guarantee is all about.

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